International Conference on Social and Natural Sciences 2024

Conference Chairs

Prof. Nadera Alborno

Conference General chair

American University in Dubai

Prof . Iryna Koshkalda

Conference Co- chair

Biotechnological University

Prof .Dr. Magda M. Aly

Conf. Co-chair & Technical Chair

King Abdulaziz University,
Saudi Arabia

Technical Program Committee

Prof. Dr. Alireza Heidari
(Chair of Technical Program Committee)
California South University (CSU), Irvine, California, USA
Prof. Yi WeijianJournal of Natural Sciences of Hunan University
Dr. Latifa AgamalievaHead of Science Department
Azerbaijan University, Baku, Azerbaijan
Prof. Tayeb HAMAIZIAProfessor, Larbi Ben M'hidi university
Prof. Dr. Alireza HeidariFull Distinguished Professor and Academic Tenure of Chemistry &
Enrico Fermi Distinguished Chair in Molecular Spectroscopy &
Head of Cancer Research Institute (CRI) &
Director of the BioSpectroscopy Core Research Laboratory (BCRL) at
Faculty of Chemistry, California South University (CSU), Irvine, California, USA
Prof. Youcef SMARA
Professeur et Directeur de recherche
Université des Sciences et de la Technologie "Houari Boumediene"
Faculté de Génie Electrique
Laboratoire de Traitement d'Images et Rayonnement (LTIR)
BP n°32, El-Alia, 16111, Bab-Ezzouar, Alger, Algerie.
Prof. Volodymyr RomanovHead of Data Acquisition Systems Department Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences B12
Prof. Dr. F. Smarandache, University of New Mexico, USA
Prof. Dr. B. PapadopoulosDemocritus University of Thrace, Greece
Prof. Dr. A.-B. M. SalemAin Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Prof. Dr. M. PalVidyasagar University, West Bengal, India
Dr. S. BroumiHassan II University, Casablanca, Morocco
Dr. A. PalNational Institute of Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal, India
Prof. Dr. Magda M. Aly King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
Prof. Dr. Mayson Alkhatib University of Nizwa , Oman
Prof. Dr. Fardos Bokhari King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
Prof. Dr. Hanan H OmarTanta University, Tanta, Egypt
Prof. Dr. Nadia O noor King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
Prof. Dr. Salah Abo AbaKing Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
Prof. Dr. Sanaa E. TorkNational Research Center, Egypt
Dr. Samyah JastanyahKing Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
Dr.Rawan AboashiKing Fiscal hospital
Prof. Salha AlagiliFaculty of Science , Kau, SA
Prof. Sahar HadadeFaculty of Science , Kau, SA
Prof. Rahma AlshamaraniFaculty of Science , Kau, SA
Prof. Buthina AlaidarrosFaculty of Science , Kau, SA
Prof. Haeazin KhalafFaculty of Science , Kau, SA
Prof. Taghreed JamalFaculty of Science , Kau, SA
Prof. Kholode AlzahraniFaculty of Science , Tabok University, SA
Prof. Maha RashedFaculty of Science , Jeddah University, SA
Prof. Lina bahamdanFaculty of Science , Kau, SA

Keynote Speakers

Prof .Dr. Magda M. Aly

King Abdulaziz University,
Saudi Arabia

Prof. Michael Gr. Voskoglou

University of Peloponnese, Greece

Special Sessions

PhotoNameSpecial Session Name and Topics
Prof. Dr. Nadera Alborno

Special and Inclusive Education
American University in Dubai, UAE
ICSNSE24-SSN-1: Teacher Education and Preparation in a Global Context

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Objectives and motivations

We are pleased to announce a special session on "Teacher Education and Preparation in a World of Global Teacher Shortages" as part of the upcoming 2024 International Conference on Social and Natural Sciences and Education ICSNSE'24.
In recent years, the shortage of qualified teachers has emerged as a pressing challenge with far-reaching implications for educational systems worldwide, which have been substantiated by research from authoritative bodies such as UNESCO, European Commission, and others (European Commission, 2023; Sutcher et al., 2019; UNESCO, 2024). This shortage affects both developed and developing nations alike. This special session aims to explore innovative approaches, strategies, and best practices in teacher education and preparation to address this critical issue.
In an era characterized by rapid social change, technological advances, and shifting educational paradigms, the role of educators is becoming increasingly important. However, the global shortage of teachers poses a significant threat to the quality and equity of education. In light of this challenge, this special session aims to bring together researchers, educators, policymakers, and practitioners to engage in a dialog on effective strategies to improve teacher recruitment, education, professional development, and retention.

Scope and Interests

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
1. Innovative models of teacher education and preparation
2. Strategies for attracting and retaining teachers in underserved communities
3. Utilizing technology in teacher training and professional development
4. Mentorship and support programs for novice teachers
5. Addressing diversity and inclusivity in teacher education programs
6. International perspectives on teacher shortages and solutions
7. Policy interventions to alleviate teacher shortages
8. Collaborative approaches between schools, universities, and communities
9. Cultivating teacher leadership and empowerment
10. Assessing the impact of teacher shortages on educational outcomes
Prof .Dr. Magda M. Aly

Prof. of Microbil Biotechnology
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
ICSNSE24-SSN-2: Advances in Microbiology

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Objectives and motivations

Special sessions are important for scientific meetings and conferences as they bring together researchers and students who share a common interest in a specific topic. The field of microbiology is rapidly changing due to the evolution of living organisms, with microorganisms being particularly impacted by events that shape public perceptions of microbes. These events include the emergence of multidrug-resistant bacteria, new bacterial diseases, decreased activity of formerly used antibiotics, and decreased food contamination on a large scale. Microbial research is harnessing the power of biotechnology and has many new applications, including the production of genetically engineered microbes, biocontrol of infectious diseases, and the production of safe and useful microbes to benefit society. Bacteria and archaea are prokaryotic organisms, making them more amenable to being used in biotechnology. Current studies are focusing on the linkages between microbes and their phylogenetic origins and habitats. Topics such as genomics, infectious disease, the origins of life, and the application of microbes to improve the quality of life are at the forefront of previously unattainable research areas that are being actively pursued today.

Scope and Interests (not limited to):
This session aims to build a community of authors, researchers, academicians, and readers to discuss the latest research, develop new ideas and research directions, and exchange ideas on the latest theoretical developments in the field, as well as on the best practices for a wide range of applications. Papers dealing with case studies, experimental and theoretical works, and their application to real-life situations are of particular interest.

The papers will be collected by Guest Editors who are experts in the field and will oversee the editorial process for each paper. Submissions for this special session should address, but are not limited to, the following or related topics:

- Gut Microbiome of the Gastrointestinal Tract
- Bacterial isolation and molecular identification from extreme habitats
- Prevalence of Multidrug-resistant bacteria in Hospitals
- Food and water-borne pathogens, risk assessment, and management
- Novel therapies for the control of infectious pathogens
- Approaches to reduce the use of antibiotics in humans and animals.
-Microbial biosynthesis and metabolic pathway
- Bacteria as cell factories and genetic engineering.
- Bioactive metabolites and biosynthesis of nutritionally valuable compounds from bacteria
- Production of single-cell proteins and lipids.
- Actinomycetes in biotechnology

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