Conference Publications

Conference Publications refer to the type of publications that can be published in relation to the academic conference. The CANWEST congress is becoming an internationally acclaimed conference series featuring cutting-edge insights and industry trends in the ever-changing and dynamic field of ICT, Management, Business, and Economics as well as Health and Medical Sciences, Social and natural Sciences and Education. We are extremely courteous to all authors and at the same time emphasize the quality of our event. The Technical Program Committee (TPC) and Session Chairs will be responsible for selecting papers based on the peer review. The detail of various types of conference publications are as follows:

Abstract Only

Authors can share their ideas by submitting their abstract only through the submission portal. Those authors who registered their abstract through the CANWEST website will be invited in the upcoming CANWEST congress program so that they could deliver their presentations either in person or virtually—whichever is convenient to them. Their abstracts will also be included in the CANWEST congress proceedings as well. The registered abstract authors are going to be included in the congress program and are invited to give their presentations in person or online to share their ideas on the congress. Later, their abstracts will be included in the CANWEST congress proceedings that will get published as a book with ISBN.

Conference Proceedings

Each full-length paper (up to 10 pages) will be submitted through the EasyChair, a conference management system. Submitted articles are selected through a formal peer-review process. The accepted and registered authors will be included in the congress program and are invited to give their presentations in person or online to share their research in the congress. All the articles will be assigned a separate Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and published in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will be published as an edited collection by reputable publishers, such as Springer Nature or CRC Taylor & Francis. To ensure credibility, the collection will include unique ISBN and DOI identifiers. The proceedings will come out as an edited collection/volume with reputable publishers—Springer Nature or CRC Taylor & Francoise. A unique ISBN & DOI identifiers will be incorporated so as to cement credibility to the source. later, the proceedings are going to be submitted for Scopus Indexing.

Journal Publication

Get published in one of our associated journals (based on scope and conference theme). Only those papers passed through a rigorous peer-review process will get published. The accepted and registered papers are qualified to publish on the journals either  recommended by the reviewers or requested by their authors. There are two options for the papers to be published in the journals based on the decision of the journal without any responsibility of the conference:

Option 1. Publish in the congress proceedings first as a conference paper, then extend the paper at least adding 40% new contents to submit to the journal for publishing.

Option 2. Publish only in the journal without extension.

For option 2: an author will directly submit the paper to a journal suggested by CANWEST scientific committee members. The paper will be reviewed by the appropriate/relevant journal once again based on the journal guidelines & rules without any intervention from the conference. Final acceptance to publish on the journals will depend in the journal based on the journal’s evaluation standard and requirements set forth. The author will be responsible for paying an extra fee for the journal if, applicable.

There is no guarantee from the CANWEST Congress organizers to accept the paper from the journal for both options 1 2. The guarantee of publication is sure only in case of publishing the accepted papers in SPRINGER NATURE or CRC PRESS T&F PROCEEDING, with ISBN & DOI, which will send the papers to SCOPUS for INDEXATION.

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