Canwest International Research Congress

Canwest International Research Congress is a prestigious annual event that unites scholars and researchers from across the globe, providing a platform for the presentation and publication of their groundbreaking research findings across various subject areas.

Our congress serves as a catalyst for international research collaboration, fostering interdisciplinary exchange and discussion on cutting-edge research topics. With a commitment to excellence, we aim to lead the way in global research exchange and publication opportunities, partnering with renowned publishers to ensure the dissemination of high-quality papers.

Building on the success of our 2023 congress held in Madrid, Spain, which drew participants from 17 countries, we continue to be a vibrant hub for scholarly discourse and collaboration. The upcoming 2024 Canwest International Research Congress (Canwest IRC’24) promises a rich array of academic activities, including research paper presentations, keynote speeches, panels, workshops, and more.

All accepted papers presented at Canwest IRC’24 will be included in the conference Proceedings, published by Springer and T&F CRC books, and indexed by SCOPUS and Web of Science. Moreover, select papers will have the opportunity for publication in esteemed journals indexed by Scopus and/or Web of Science.

Recognizing the diverse needs of our participants, Canwest IRC’24 offers a hybrid synchronous presentation format, allowing authors the flexibility to present via Zoom or in person. This inclusive approach ensures that presenters can engage with the conference in a manner that suits them best, whether they choose to join online or in real life. Join us at Canwest IRC’24 as we continue to champion collaboration, innovation, and excellence in research on a global scale.