Location and Accommodation

The ICIEICT 2024 Conference will be celebrated in the historic city of Casablanca,  Morocco.
The city of Casablanca offers a wider range of accommodation options close to the Conference Venue.

Hotel Suisse Casablanca, Morocco
Address: Boulevard de la corniche – Ain diab – Casablanca
Reservations: +(212) (0522 360 202)
Email: [email protected]


Hassan II University of Casablanca
Normal Higher School of Casablanca (ENS-C)
Route d’El Jadida Km 9, BP: 50069, Ghandi Casablanca, Morocco
TEL: +212 5 22 25 38 97 FAX: +212 5 22 23 58 14C.

Hassan II University of Casablanca
Higher Normal School for Technical Education (ENSET-M)
Address: BP 159 Bd Hassan II Mohammedia, Casablanca
TEL: +(212) 5 23 32 22 20 / (212) 5 23 32 35 30
Fax : (212) 5 23 32 25 46

Things to do in Casablanca


Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco and its most populous city with a population of over  3.1 million (2022) people.


The Moroccan cuisine is one of the best in the world. Being at the crossroads of Africa and Europe, it boasts an incredible melting pot of influences from Arabic, Berber, and Mediterranean cultures. it has a variety of dishes made of assorted spices and ingredients, fresh fruits, and fine olive oils. Home to popular delicacies such as harira, tagine (maraq or marqa),  briwat, mechoui, zaalouk, and couscous that will delight your palate.

Places to Visit

An interesting thing to see in Casablanca is the famous Rick’s Café, the place that appears in the film Casablanca, you can walk around the Corniche, the United Nations Square, Visit Mohammed V Square, make a stop at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, visit the Olive Souk, go to the Mahkama du Pacha Palace, one of the best monuments to see in Casablanca, have fun in Parc Sindibad, visit the imposing Royal Palace in Casablanca and many other tourist attraction places.

What is there to visit?

The city of Casablanca offers a wider range of activities and interesting places to visit that will amaze you.

It has the second largest mosque in the world, after the one in Mecca, and the highest ever built. Its minaret measures 172 meters. Its exterior occupies more than 30,000 square meters, generating capacity for more than 90,000 people.

Travel Information

Firstly, check if you require visa to enter Morocco.

Casablanca has one of the most accessible and efficient transportation systems in the world. As an economic  capital city, it acts a a transportation hub for the entire country. You can get around the city via metro or bus, which are integrated, meaning that you can access the Casablanca metro lines and the bus lines with the same ’ticket’.

You can travel around Morocco by bus, taxi or  train.

Traveling by Train

There are different types of trains/rails

  • Casa Tramway
  • ONCF
  • Metro referes to normal train

If you’re not picking up a car, the easiest way to get from Mohammed V International Airport to downtown Casablanca is to take the  train operated by national railroad company,  ONCF. The station is located beneath the ground floor of the Terminal 1 arrivals area.

Traveling by BUS
  • Casa Tramway

For more information about schedule and prices visit the   CASA TRAMWAY website.