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2023 International Conference on Innovation of Emerging Information and Communication Technology

Baheta: Balanced and Unbalanced Dataset in Arabic Clickbait Detection Using a Deep Learning Model (LSTM)
Batool Alharbi, Razan Alhanaya, Deem Alqarawi, and Ruwaidah Alnejaidi
Introducing a Vision of Regulation More Complex Than the Traditional One
Olivier Lefebvre
New Technology for Lean 4.0: Prospects For the Industry of the Future
Dbaich Douae, Aziza Mahil, and Mohamed Tabaa
Design and Analysis of a Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot with Movement in Time Dimensional Space
Long Yu, Yongfei Feng, Fangyan Dong, Hongbo Wang,
Haoyu Li, Tao Shen, Dan Liang, and Victor Vladareanu
BC-PUS: A Proposed Blockchain-Based Private User-Driven Mobile Advertising System
Nora Alammari
Contribution of Sustainable and Responsible Finance: Issues and Perspectives
Fatima Bellaali, Abdelhamid Elbouhadi, Mohammed Zaryouhi, and Najah Bouchao
End to End Unsupervised Learning-Based Endoscopic View Expansion
Shizun Zhao, Jingjing Luo, Hongbo Wang, Yuan Han, and LiLi Feng
Research on Man-Machine Contact Force/Position Perception of Wheelchair-Stretcher Robot Based on the Flexible Pressure Sensor
Junjie Tian, Hongbo Wang, Yang Yang, Lianqing Li,
Melinte Daniel Octavian, Yu Tian, Lili Zhang, and Jianye Niu
The Digitization of Human Resources Management: What Impact for Public Administrations in Morocco?
Basma El Ouaghlidi, Kamal Yazzif, Fatima El Amrany, and Abderrahmane Ouddasser
Exploring the Impact of Digital Art Therapy on People with Dementia: A Framework and Research-Based Discussion
Fereshtehossadat Shojaei, Fatemehalsadat Shojaei,
Erik Stolterman Bergvist, and Patrick C. Shih
Rethinking the E-HR Function: The Case of ERP at the Hassan II University Hospital Center
on the Flexible Pressure Sensor

Imane Chaaibi, Abderrahmane Ouddasser, and Achraf Baghdad
A Deep Learning CNN Approach Regarding Drone Surveillance in Fire-Fighting Scenarios
Ana-Maria Travediu, Luige Vladareanu, Radu Munteanu,
Jianye Niu, Daniel Octavian Melinte, and Ionel Pușcașu
Reinventing Public Health: From LEAN Management to Optimizing Hospital Logistics
Achraf Baghdad, Abderrahmane Ouddasser, and Imane Chaaibi
Coffee Leaf Diseases Quadruple Classifier (CLQC) Model Using Deep Learning
Jameela F. AL-Rashidi, Lena A. AL-Enazi, Rawan F. AL-Mutairi,
Shahd Y. AL-Dukhayil, Wiaam A. AL-Abas, and Dina M. Ibrahim
Teleworking in Service of Work–Family Balance
Fatima El Amrany, Basma El Ouaghlidi, and Abderrahmane Ouddasser
An Investigation of Broken Access Control Types, Vulnerabilities, Protection, and Security
Elaf Almushiti, Raseel Zaki, Nora Thamer, and Rima Alshaya
Considering Uncertainty Expression in Sentiment Analysis and Tweet Classification
Zendaoui Fairouz and Hidouci Walid Khaled
Design Together: Uncovering the Impact of Co-design and Design Thinking on Designing for People with Dementia
Fatemehalsadat Shojaei
Roller Design of the Delivery Mechanism of the Novel Endovascular Intervention Robot
Lingwu Meng, Shiqi Liu, Xiaoliang Xie, Zengguang Hou, and Xiaohu Zhou
A Machine Learning Framework for Enhancing Security of Transaction in Saudi Banks Based on User Behavior
Haneen Almayouf, Shoaa Almudhibri, Wejdan Alsayegh, Meshaiel Alsheail,
Salam Almneiy, Arwa Albelaihi, and Haya Duhisan
Hybrid HQ Stereo Cameras and RPLIDAR Sensor System Applied to Navigation of the Autonomous Mobile Robots
Luige Vladareanu, Hongbo Wang, Marius Pandelea,
Victor Vladareanu, Ionel-Alexandru Gal, and Ștefan Ghibanu
Using Eye Movement Features for Secure Authentication
Esraa Almohaimeed, Daad Albriki, Fatima Abdulkreem, and Abeer Alghulayqah
Implementing Face Recognition Using Deep Learning
Allam Fatima Zohra, Hamami Mitiche Latifa, and Bousbia-Salah Hicham
A Comprehensive Review of Brain Diseases Classification Using Deep Learning Techniques
Lin M. Saleh Aouto, Leidi M. Saleh Aouto, Rawan Khaled Flifel, and Dina M. Ibrahim
Empowering Security in Cloud Environment Using Encryption Technique
Mohammad Ali A. Hammoudeh, Aishah Flah, Noura Al Nassar,
Wesam Al Rajhi, and Renad Ibrahim
Convolutional Neural Network Applied to Facial Recognition
Allam Fatima Zohra, Hamami Mitiche Latifa, and Bousbia-Salah Hicham
Power Consumption Analysis for Smarter Robotics Via Industry 4.0 Methods and Technologies
Ryan Samson, Keng Goh, Akshath Sankarraj, Alexandros Gkanatsios, and Hongnian Yu
Enhancing Security Using E-Authentication System
Mohammad Ali A. Hammoudeh, Amjad Ebrahim, Esraa Mohamed, Rawan Almansour, and Renad Ibrahim
Toward Extensible Low-Code Development Platforms
Gregory Popov, Joan Lu, and Vladimir Vishnyakov
Bitcoin Prediction Analysis Using Deep Learning Techniques
Muhammad Muneeb, Noman Islam, Mana Saleh Al Reshan,
Mohammed Hamdi, Hani Alshahrani, and Safeeullah Soomro
A Blockchain-Based Renewable Energy Authenticated Marketplace: BEAM of Flexibility
Mutiullah Shaikh, Sundas Munir, Uffe Kock Wiil, and Amina Shaikh